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A list of Amazon S3 compatible storage providers


Google Cloud Storage : A Powerful, Simple and Cost Effective Object Storage Service.

Nifty Cloud Storage

S3FOR.ME : No capital investments needed, pay only for the resources you actually use. No contracts, hidden fees, unclear statistics.

dinStorage D3 : An Amazon API-compatible S3 cloud storage alternative

exoscale : Swiss cloud hosting for SaaS companies, devs, sysadmins, businesses worldwide. Full SSD, simple, scalable ,safe.

Caringo: Proven object storage solutions from Caringo designed to maximize scalability, reliability and security.

BETTERSERVERS : Fast S3 compatible storage

Dunkel Cloud Storage: (germany) Dunkel Cloud Storage (DCS) ist ein Objekt-Storage mit redundanter Datenspeicherung in deutschen Rechenzentren.

Constant Cloud Storage

Connectria : Cloud computing & managed hosting solutions from an award-winning hosting provider across the industry's widest range of technologies.

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